Thursday, August 27, 2015


We're gearing up for 2015 and couldn't be more excited. Stay tuned for upcoming details about this years addition and a link to pre-register. See you in October!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 Wrap up

Mike Aston runs the sand pit
Clouds threatened early on but the sun managed to come through at just the right time. Racers took off through the field and onto the course with the leaders separating themselves early on after the sand pit and through the technical forest section before the start/finish. With three time Champion Peter Mogg absent from the start line, the title was up for grabs. Mike Aston, who narrowly missed out on the win in 2012 to Mogg, decided to forgo his chance at Canadian Cyclocross Nationals this weekend for his shot at redemption. It turned out to be the right call as he distanced himself from the competition early on to take his first title as HallowCross-Sarnia Champion. Tim Gale, Mike Grumet and Ray Auger followed in hot pursuit for the first 30 minutes before falling off, as Astons pace proved to be too much on the fast flowing course. In the womens race, Vanessa Staffer kept the young guns Farleigh & Charlotte Cheswick at bay to take her first title as HallowCross-Sarnia Champ. The two sisters are ones to watch out for in the future. Notable mention goes to HallowCross-Sarnia vet. Ken Vanermeer made his 5th straight start and showed no signs of slowing down.

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Again a big thank you to everyone who came out to watch, volunteer and to race!
Stay tuned for 2015 details!

2014 Overall Results
Position Name Time
1 Mike Aston 46:10s
2 Tim Gale 0:05s
3 Mike Grumet 0:20s
4 Ray Auger 1:10s
5 John Klassen 3:55s
6 Alex Kelly 7:55s
7 Alex Vandrlinden 5:10s
8 Ken Vandermeer 5:25s
9 Taylor Ford 5:25s
10 Paul Dowsell 6:00s
11 Chris Pollet 6:05s
12 Kevin Gibson 6:20s
13 Brian Priebe 6:36s
14 Craig Marentette 7:35s
15 Rod Helm 8:22s
16 Ed VanPuyabruck 1 lap 1:46s
17 Farleigh Cheswick 1 lap 2:08s
18 Mark Graves  1lap 2:48s
19 Vanessa Staffer 1 lap 3:40s 
20 Wil Pol 1 lap 3:40s
21 Charlotte Cheswick 1 lap 4:00s
22 Kathy Ure 1 lap 7:10s
23 Brian Dunn  1 lap 7:20s
24 Visser Sjokd 1 lap 9:22s
25 John Elliot 1 lap 9:24s
26 Megan Balsille 1 lap 10:24
27 Rob Diumlentin 2 laps 0:46s
28 Cameron Eliott 2 laps 1:31s
29 Derek Barke 2 laps 4:45s
30 James Grant 2 laps 8:10s
31 James West DNF
32 Matt Mcewan DNF
33 Liam Brennan DNF